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Quit QuickTime on your Mac if it is open.

  • How to use an iPad or iPad Pro as a monitor for your Mac.
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Click the Record button and go about your business on your iPhone. Once you're done, click the Stop button and save the video. Charlie 3. URL is broken. RafaelGorski Thanks for pointing it out! I just changed it to a link that looks pretty non-broken.

Mac mini w/iPad pro as monitor?

If all you want to do is play, I found you can skip steps 4 and 5. Thanks so much for pointing out this great feature of Quicktime "Player". Just keep in mind it doesnt work if you are in a phone call: It also interrupts any Xcode debugging sessions. I use this combination all the time. IconDaemon IconDaemon Why the down vote? I've added more precise information about how to use Quicktime Player on the Mac to capture the iDevice output into video.

We've been trying to find a free app, but we've had no luck. Marcel Marcel 2.

But apple should make this available over the air. Download and install iTools Pro on your Mac. Connect your Mac and iPhone to same network. Click on Airplayer button from iTools's windows. Wait for Airplayer to be downloaded. Connect to Airplayer through Airplay from your iPhone.

Best app for using an iPad as an external display – The Sweet Setup

Gwa Si Gwa Si 11 2. Please see the help center regarding self-promotion and make sure you disclose if you are affiliated with a product. I'm not doing promotion or I'm not affiliated with that company. And I'm not giving any affiliated link to the website. This is the answer what they are looking for. Justin Justin 1. Crossle Song Crossle Song 95 2.

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Linked Related 2. Is the installer simple, or does it require manual setup? With this category of apps, this is the single most important feature. I doubt video editing would be possible on any of the apps, but it should be a good place to put an editing pallet or chat client.

Mac Mini and iPad Combo

Some of the apps I looked at use hard-wired connections Lightning cable while others use Wi-Fi. While Wi-Fi offers the convenience of cutting the cable, it does come with serious trade-offs. For this review, Wi-Fi is not a requirement, but is something we considered as a nice-to-have option. Among all the apps that I tested, Duet Display was the clear winner. Setup was an absolute breeze.

I installed the OS X application, which added a display driver and menu bar icon.

Duet Display

After installing the Mac app, I went through the restart, installed the iPad app, and was ready to go. Everything went off without a hitch. If you wake the Mac up, Duet Display quickly returns to acting as a second display.

From a technical perspective, it feels no different than the normal external monitor I use at work. What sets Duet Display apart is how fast it is. It operates with basically zero lag. This is thanks to the fact that Duet Display sends video to the iPad over a Lightning cable. The hardware connection certainly beats other apps that rely on Wi-Fi to transmit data. It has one job to solve, and it does it very well. Air Display 3 is another well-known app for using your iPad as a second display for your Mac. It took two hard reboots to get my Mac to start up normally post-install.

Both offered plenty of options, but Duet Display did a better job of explaining each option. This essentially allows you to use your iPad as a graphics tablet like a Wacom for your Mac. These are the compatible apps: These are the supported pens and styli: Air Display 3 works over Wi-Fi in addition to connecting through a Lightning cable. Your experience will greatly depend on your Wi-Fi speed. At home, I had zero lag issues. On the public Wi-Fi at Starbucks, it was so-so.

Depending on how your corporate Wi-Fi network is configured, it might be a little more difficult to get it working as well. I would look at Wi-Fi support as a bonus, but not a crucial feature, and would recommend using the Lightning cable whenever possible.

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  5. Even when comparing the Lightning cable connection with Duet Display over Air Display 3, Duet Display still comes out on top for me by a hair. This fact combined with an easier setup makes Duet Display the winner. GoodDual Display is one of the cheaper apps we looked at.