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You can rewrite the script to ping multiple sites but you'll only get one Alistair McMillan You want to read up on loops in bash scripts. After some experimenting, I've found that GeekTool seems to replace the token "echo" with an internal function that doesn't accept the -n switch. One solution: Give GeekTool the full path to echo 1.

Alternatives to Geektool that make desktop content clickable? You could use Ubersicht. It shows contents as widgets on desktop. Widgets are configured through coffee or js scripts. You could also other scripting languages like python, shell etc.

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These widgets are interactive through optional keys. There are already a handful of widgets are available. More details regarding the project can be found at their github. Widgets has a mac version available, and a quick search shows an application launcher, twitter client, a month calendar, and a wikipedia and google search box. If you want to use dashboard widgets, this software claims to make your dashboard widgets stay on the desktop.

GeekTool Is A Great Rainmeter Alternative To Customize Your Mac Desktop [Guide]

It does cost money, but they have a free trial available. GeekTool vs.? If you decide to look at new solutions, there are a handful of applications that can do this including Blotter and TimeWorks. I prefer the slightly less in my face menubar solution that Fantastical provides.

How To Customize The MATE desktop

Growl 1. Add a Photo Slideshow This one's fun: drag an image geeklet to your desktop this time, and name it "Slideshow. Click ther "Set Local Path" button under the URL field and browse to the folder on your Mac that has contains the photos you want in the slideshow. Select the folder, and then set the refresh rate to the number of seconds you want the image to display before it changes to the next one in the folder.

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Once these options are set, the image will change automatically at the interval you set. The slideshow will be behind all of your apps unless you check the "Keep on Top" button in the properties window. If you'd prefer that it rest on top, you may also want to change the opacity slider at the bottom of the window to the level of transparency you'd like for the images.

If you leave it turned all the way up, the images will block anything behind them, hovering on top of any other applications you have open. Even though there are only three geeklets available when you install GeekTool, Mac OS X Tips has a repository of user-submitted and custom-built geeklets that you can download and play with.

Some users in the forum even submit their own desktops, along with instructions on how to recreate it and the geeklets and code required to get the same look. Once you've downloaded a new geeklet, just double-click it to open GeekTool and run it. It'll place itself on your desktop and open the properties window so you can tweak the script, change the font or color, or reposition it. Before it opens though, GeekTool gives you the opportunity to inspect the script to make sure it's something you want to run.

GeekTool: Rainmeter Alternative To Customize Your Mac Desktop

The wealth of user-created geeklets is worth diving into once you feel you've mastered the basics. You can find geeklets that do everything from display the current song playing in Spotify to show you the title and summary of any unread messages in Gmail. Here are a few others:. Don't underestimate the power of the three built-in geeklets though.

With time, experimentation, and a little knowledge of Unix commands, you can do some impressive things with GeekTool. You can find additional scripts and commands over at Keynote 2 Keynote and Cattail. For some inspiration or designs to try with GeekTool, often in combination with a custom desktop that you can fit your geeklets into, check out Francesco Mugnai's GeekTool script roundup , Lifehacker alumn Rachel Atwood's gallery at Unplggd , and of course, in the Lifehacker Desktop Show and Tell Flickr pool.

One note of warning: whatever geeklets and scripts you run, make sure to closely watch and appropriately set the refresh timer on your shell geeklets. If you set the refresh rate too low, you run the risk of letting GeekTool consume more system resources than you probably need to allow it.

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For things that only update every day or not at all, set the refresh rate appropriately high. If you want to take redesigning your desktop to the next level, consider utilities like Panic Software's Stattoo , which embeds weather conditions, current iTunes track, an icon for battery status, upcoming iCal appointments, and more right on the desktop in a way that GeekTool won't without a lot of script-writing.

Change macOS Wallpaper With the Time of Day

If you've watched any of our Mac shortcut of the day videos, you've seen Stattoo at the bottom of my desktop just above the dock. If it's the menubar you want to change, try Nocturne , a free and open source utility that lets you play with the transparency and color of the menubar. If you want to spice up the Dock, there are plenty of utilities to help you with that as well. Check out this list of replacement Dock themes at Beautiful Pixels to get started.

Like most desktop customization tools, the possibilities for GeekTool are simple or broad depending on how willing you are to put time and energy into it. The commands and geeklets we've added here barely scratch the surface of what's possible. GeekTool can have a steep learning curve when it comes to customizing your desktop, but remember, it was designed primarily as a way to embed useful information on the desktop so you didn't have to open terminal applications or system utilities to see it. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the Unix commands here, and don't re-invent the wheel: there are a lot of people out there with scripts and geeklets ready to go that will add a personal touch to your Mac.

Preview on Mojave can help with converting your image to.

Restart and you should see your custom background. At my employer, we will not be ready to support it yet as we are waiting for a couple of vendors to update their products. Both can be downloaded today before Mojave comes out with installinstallmacos. Instead of manually making USB drives with createinstallmedia for both and then making dmgs to distribute to our deskside team across the country, I wanted to automate this process. You will need to supply the username, password, url, and the id number of your Kext profile in your script.

When the user or tech provisioning the Mac signs in after JAMF Imaging is complete, they will see warnings for unapproved kernel extensions. But once the script runs, System Preferences will open to the Profiles pane and keep opening if the user closes it. I may add a JAMF helper dialog explaining what to do and will probably add an OS version check as the profiles status line only works in My organization is working on moving to a DEP based workflow, but in the meantime we are getting computers that have After the build process the user can log in, but in