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Some settings can be exported to a file, but for others you have to take screenshots to preserve the settings which is a slight pain. This doesn't affect the databases you've created, but would affect scripts that are scheduled to run from the server. Overall: After switching to FileMaker Server from another horrible piece of software, we are now able to easily do the development of our databases ourselves. This makes it a very flexible system for us.

Pros: You can quickly and easily design powerful and sophisticated custom applications that run on Mac, Windows, iOS, and the Web. You develop once and deploy the same base code on all platforms, customizing your forms according to each platform's needs. Their proprietary WebDirect technology is the easiest and fastest way to deploy web-based applications for workgroups that I have ever seen.

Cons: Lack of a built-in push notification mechanism, either thru their Servers or via the host OS. Also, their Cloud product could benefit from Load Balancing support. Overall: We have been developing custom B2B apps extensively on this platform for over 15 years and use it internally for our own business. Pros: Import your Excel spreadsheet, place a few fields on a form, within minutes you have created a user interface as a starting point for what can become a very powerful business application. Using the database manager, you can create links between data tables quickly and visually.

Cross platform capable! Once you start using this product, and it becomes an integral part of your business operation, you can either teach yourself the advanced features, or hire a consultant to help you out as there is a very strong developer community. The development language is a easy to learn scripting language.

FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced

Cons: FileMaker still struggles to gain acceptance in IT departments, and yet it is a legitimate application development environment with very powerful capabilities. Overall: The feature I enjoy most is the capability to use the product cross platform. I have a Windows 10 PC running at my desk, I use an Apple MacBook Pro on the road, along with my iPad where ever, and FileMaker gives me the ability to use my database applications on all those platforms. Pros: The software is easy to use and relatively easy to learn from a developer's standpoint.

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Cons: What do you do when you outgrow the system or want to migrate to a more robust database system? For me this is the major drawback of Filemaker Pro - there are no tools to help you export a complete file that can be imported into another database. This is a major drawback if you are planning to use the product for a couple of years before migrating to a standard relational database.

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Basically, Filemaker Pro files are proprietary files and are not accessible to standard relational database methods, such as SQL. Comments: This database has been used at both my jobs over the last 20 years Pros: I was brought into a job where I had to learn this program on my own.

With the "help" tab and a little ingenuity I was able to pick up on the concept right away. I was able to build my own forms from the already set up data base. As years went on we had to change the forms and the information we collected and it was a cinch to figure out without the use of the "help" tab. When I moved into a new job I was able to test my knowledge of FileMaker pro in an updated version. As I had the basics down I was able to figure out how to use it for calculations as well as counts and general use of the database. I had to pretty much put together a balance sheet using a data base.

It was interesting and fun to figure out. Cons: I don't really have anything I can remember that was irritating to me that I thought should be done differently. Pros: I came in as a total novice, not a coder or any kind of database professional, and was able to build the forms and pages I needed to keep the info on my contacts organized and clear. It's a lightweight program that doesn't use much memory even for a database with thousands of pages, so it can move quickly and sort easily. I'm still discovering functionality years later that I didn't know existed, but happy with what I have already figured out.

Cons: I found it annoying that when I recently got a new computer and had to get a new copy of Filemaker, it couldn't read my. Why couldn't they have just made one universal Filemaker file extension type? But that's a minor complaint.

Overall: I've been using FileMaker Pro as my database management software for over ten years. I'm dug in enough now with it that I don't expect to change, but I also don't want to. Pros: The ease of creating forms and spreadsheets for data tracking with this software was pretty great. We used this mainly in our event planning business and I didn't really have a complaint. You can tell the program what information you need and it will track it and input what ever you've indicated you need it to input. It definitely depends on user input and you have to take the time to ensure your databases are updated.

If you do that, you won't have a problem.

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Cons: The only real aspect I didn't like was that there was no workflow type tracking. As our business grew, this is something we desperately needed, but it was never marketed to us as such, so I can't really complain about this. If you're looking for an all in one platform, this wouldn't be my first choice. Overall: If you're looking for an all in one platform, this isn't my first choice. Honestly, it's probably not in the top five for me.

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If you're looking for a database management software for tracking customers, sending invoices and proposals, and software you can update as your company grows, this is great. You'll probably need something better in the long run, but it's a good start. Cons: Cost is the only consideration when recommending, though in comparison to other systems, it offers better value, just would benefit from a lower entry-level option for people to discover its power. Overall: Multi-platform deployment of a single code base, company-wide policy administration for internal and online-accounts - benefits are large system changes immediately testable within instantly-deployed self-contained environments for advanced automation and on-the-fly user interface updates.

With a free trial, and a willingness to try a development system that focuses though is not limited to linear steps, you can experience truly productive results significantly faster than web-based systems, without compromising deployment options - a really flexible and hugely enjoyable development environment!

Pros: The flexibility offered by FileMaker is incredible. The more that I learn about how it works, the more I'm convinced that there's nothing you can't build with FileMaker at the core. Also, there's nothing like the community surrounding this platform. FileMaker developers are the most helpful, sharing people I've ever met. You never have to be afraid to ask a question if you get stuck because someone else has run into that problem before and they will help you through the other end.

Cons: Depending on your use case, it might be too expensive. The buy-in can be high so you have to be willing to invest in making something critical to your operations. Overall: We have used it to build custom workflows that integrate a facility calendar, invoicing clients for rental of space, and taking payments.

Each company is unique, which is why it was so helpful to be able to build our own solution to the issues we were running into. Pros: I like that FileMaker is simple to learn and to keep learning , with tons of resources available online including their own forums. Between youtube videos and some paid Lynda. It's great software and I actually enjoy working with it. Cons: The recent pricing structure change for version 17 file has me concerned about the direction FileMaker might be taking. So we've held onto version 16 for now and will be waiting to upgrade.

Other than concerns about pricing I don't have anything else bad to say about it. Overall: Initially we just wanted to convert our old and outdated database system over to FileMaker, but once others in the company saw the flexibility and ease of use of FileMaker, it's use has greatly increased throughout my company. It's seen a lot of use replacing MS Excel-based "systems", where users have just slapped together a bunch of messy Excel files in a confusing way without any help from IT.

These Excel "systems" are growing, causing problems, and then are being replaced by FileMaker databases with great success. Pros: The FileMaker platform combines robust database management with a slick interface for designing a pleasant end-user experience. With some little training, a developer can become quite competent at creating a complete solution. With more experience and training, there's little that CAN'T be done with the system. Cons: I have to say it; the least favorable piece of the system is its pricing structure.

It's pricey to use for anything but medium to large scale deployment. Small businesses might find the cost prohibitive, and developers working for small organizations might not be able to produce solutions that are cost effective for their clients. You get a lot of horsepower, but it comes at a price.

Extreme makeover done extremely easily

Overall: I've used FileMaker to create everything from a personal time management system to an online volunteer registration database. If you can imagine it, you can build it. FileMaker has totally changed the way we do business! I love that it is able to perform time saving tasks such as, creating personalized letters, emails and reports. I love that It easily stores and organizes all of our old records, giving us the paper free office we've been yearning for.

Cons: -We use FileMaker to issue random passwords and various types of access- it regularly bugs out and occasionally needs restarted in order for access changes to be reflected. We have a IT company who is creating our database.

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  • Overall: Overall, FileMaker has made our business run much more smoothly. We are converting all of our old paper records to electronic, and this software helps us keep track of everything. Pros: I find the customization of FileMaker to be the key to its success. With some software development knowledge, I can set it up how I'd like it and maintain it for a low overall cost. In my company we specifically used a FileMaker development company to build out our custom system, which cut all the paper out of our workflow, and cut out unnecessary data re-entry.

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    A huge time saver. Cons: If you have no developing knowledge, you may be left to use an out of the box solution, which might not be exactly applicable to your situation. Also, it seems like it is difficult to do certain email things on Mac with Outlook.