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Click OK, and proceed with the driver installation. You may also install the drivers first, and then plug in the Oxygen 8. Insert the Driver Software CD.

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For more information, scroll through the Readme text which is presented on your screen during the installation process. The OSX Installer Package icon looks like a cube of Jello rising out of a cardboard box and usually ends with the suffix. Double-click on the installer package. Click on the lock icon and enter the administrator password you chose when you installed OSX. Follow the prompts to install the software. Go to the Chooser under the Apple Menu, and make sure AppleTalk is turned off this is recommended, although OMS will sense that it is on and prompt you to turn it off.

Double click on OMS Setup.

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OMS will inform you that it has not yet been configured. Click OK. OMS begins Searching. OMS will now define shows Identifying the Oxygen 8 output port. You will now have to check this open box to enable the output port. Click on OK. Next, the My Studio Setup appears with a file save dialog box over it. Assign your instrument this step is optional and you are done. Playing a note on your keyboard will give you an audio message from your computer, MIDI received, while the arrow pointing to the keyboard icon flashes. Clicking on the keyboard icon with the mouse pointer will send a tone cluster to the Oxygen 8 output port.

You may now exit OMS Setup by quitting the application. The rest is up to the configuration within your music software. This type of setup can be connected as follows: 1.

MIDIMAN releases OS X drivers for USB Keystation

The Oxygen 8 can play the synthesizer that is part of an internal sound card, as well as any software synthesizers that are installed in your system. This will depend on how you set up your software see section Using the Oxygen 8 in your Application Software. The audio output of the sound card can be plugged directly into a sound system, or into a mixer, which is then connected to a sound system.

The audio output of the sound module can be plugged directly into a sound system, or into a mixer, which is then connected to a sound system. The Oxygen 8 as a controller may also send MIDI information to an existing internal soundcard s MIDI synthesizer or any installed software synthesizer, outputting the audio from the computer soundcard. You may also choose to use power from batteries or an external power supply. Additionally, the Oxygen 8 may be used as a standalone keyboard controller, independent of the computer and its USB port.

In this case, the Oxygen 8 must receive power from either a power supply or batteries, by switching the power setting on from the rear panel. A setup such as this may be used in a performance situation, or when you wish to use the keyboard without the computer.. The manner in which this is done varies between applications, so we can just cover the basics here. It is within this dialog box that you will select or enable your MIDI input and output devices. Input 1 or Port 1 , corresponds to the information that will be sent from the Oxygen 8 keyboard to your computer.

Make sure that those items are highlighted or checked. The output port that you select on a specific MIDI track within your sequence will output MIDI information to the keyboard or sound module that is attached to that port.

You can use the Data Entry key to enter in values, or the keys that are lableled with numbers. The keys labeled for specific MIDI functions can be used to assign that function to the data slider. If a 9V power adapter is present, the Oxygen 8 will use power from the adapter.

Midiman oxygen 8 driver mac lion

If a 9V adapter is not present, and the Oxygen 8 has the required battery power, the unit will power up using the batteries. Using the Pitch Bend Wheel: The Pitch Bend wheel is used for raising or lowering the pitch of a voice during performance, starting from and always returning to a center detent point. The range of pitch values depends on the sound generator sound card or module being used. Please refer to the manuals of your devices for information on how to change the Pitch Bend range.

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To bend the pitch up, move the wheel away from you. To bend the pitch down, move the wheel towards you. Using the Modulation Wheel: It is very common to use the modulation wheel to change the intensity of effects, such as Vibrato pitch change , Tremolo change in volume , and Modulation change in tone. The Modulation Wheel produces a vibrato effect shortly after the sound is generated, and is most effective for solo instruments such as saxophone, strings, and oboe. Similar to the pitch wheel, the actual effect and range of that effect will be set within your MIDI sound module.

Data Entry Slider: This slide controller allows you to adjust the value of parameters such as Volume, Velocity, Aftertouch, and virtually any assignable MIDI control parameter directly from your keyboard. Setting the data slider is covered in the next section. This is perfect for use with hardware and software synthesizers, for automating software mixers, or for controlling any devices that will respond to MIDI commands. In the next section, the Set Controller Key instructions will show you how to program this special feature.

You may set the data slider to send MIDI controller data of your choice, send program change data from the keyboard, select the MIDI transmit channel of the Oxygen 8, set the octave or pitch of the keyboard, and program the eight rotary controllers. Second, change the data entry slider to the value you want. To assign any MIDI control value to the data slider: 1.

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Press the CC No. Press the number keys to choose the MIDI controller number 4. Press the Enter key 5. You can also use the data slider to send this MIDI controller information in realtime.

Once you ve selected one of the keys that represents a controller value, i. In order to change the value of each knob , you need to do as follows: 1. The display will show a small n to indicate that the desired controller knob number should be entered next. Choose the number of the desired controller knob using the number key group Then press the Enter key.

The display will show a P in anticipation of the parameter number.

Assign the desired MIDI controller parameter number using the number key group , then press Enter. See chart, Appendix A.

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This channel assignment will apply only to the controller knob that you are programming. This is primarily effective for stand-alone mode, not for all soft-synth presets. The default Channel is 1 when the keyboard s power is turned on. To set the MIDI channel to 2, for example: 1. Press the key labeled 2, on the keyboard, then press the key labeled Enter, also on the keyboard. Control Change data entry by numeric keypad: Oxygen 8 allows you to use the numeric keys, instead of the data entry slider, to specify the Control Change parameter data.

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Press the number keys 1, 2 and 3, in order. This completes the process.