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However, if a user holds down Option on reboot, the rEFIt utility will be disabled and needs to be "re-blessed" in order to work again. See the documentation for details.

WinClone , a modestly priced and super-easy-to-use Mac program which allows you to copy the Boot Camp Windows "image" and then deploy it to the Windows partitions in a lab full of identical machines. After deployment, you only need to change a few settings such as machine name. Winclone has recently been re-written and updated.

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It's a useful product. Both of the following are great free tools for copying the contents of one Mac hard drive to another one, and they make it bootable! Great for backup too! X-Mouse Button Control : This little utility allows you to disable the mighty mouse's side buttons, which can be annoying in Windows because they are easy to squeeze accidentally and, in a browser, they activate the back button. On the Mac side, you have more customization options for the mouse.

Maybe Apple will provide better Windows mouse driver software in a future Boot Camp release, but in the meantime, this little utility saves the day! Magic Tools for Windows : If you use wireless Apple mice or trackpads on Windows, this inexpensive utility supplies the drivers to make them work well in Windows. For a triple boot machine, here are some nice instructions that worked great for me!

3. Create Boot Sector File

Follow them carefully. Especially the part involving the formatting of partitions. Here's an illustrated installation guide from Not too much has changed since then.

Time bug : On the Mac side, when the machine was previously booted into Windows, the time may be incorrect. This usually corrects itself without any intervention. Energy saver : Settings for automatic timed start up and shut down may not work after the machine reboots from Windows to the Mac side.

Dual Boot Kali with Windows

A second restart on the Mac side usually fixes this. The first thing you probably want to do is to create a new partition on your hard drive. When you create a new partition please give it at least 20 GB or more, if you want to use the hackintosh for any real usage you probably want to add more disk spaces in there.

Yes, you literary need to try out on the different distributions, if you really want to proceed and have a working hackintosh you better start looking at the hardware supportability here. Since every one of you will have a different hardware configuration, it is hard to be general in this case.

The bottom line is, you want to check your motherboard for desktop or laptop version first. Yours might be different, again its all depend on the hardware. During the initial Disk load press F8 for optional parameter. Now its the matter of re-trying over and over again. Remember what your configuration is and apply the proper driver kext file. We will skip the long and boring re-trying part.

dual boot of macbook pro and makbook air (Mac os and windows7, windows 8, windows 10 by bootcamp)

You will soon find out you are not able to boot back into Windows 7 again. You only need recover Windows. I have a question. But you can only read, no write option from Mac OS to other none Mac partition. Next of Windows. Download Windows 1.