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You can embed a video from YouTube from your PowerPoint presentation. Here's how: In YouTube, search for the video that you want to insert. Below the video, click Share. When Share this video pops up, click on Embed.

Versions of PowerPoint that support online videos

Right-click the blue highlighted embed code, and select Copy. You're done! Keep in mind that you'll need a live Internet connection when you make your presentation. Toggle action bar FAQ Actions. Print Tweet Share on Facebook Was this helpful? Comments 0. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Best Video Formats to Insert in PowerPoint on Windows/Mac

Learn more. Embed videos from online sources YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Vote Vote Vote Sign in prestine. Your name.

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Versions of PowerPoint that support online videos - Office Support

Signed in as Sign out. Show previous admin responses 2. Add a comment…. Sign in prestine. Post comment Submitting Please enable video embedding from other sites on Mac PPT!

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  • Inserting a Movie into your Powerpoint Presentation.

This is a major disadvantage for professional MAC users! I second it, the website is huge and a lot of people use it for linking video. Want to add a youtube video in Powerpoint !! Please add this! Set playback-start options for your movie.

go site On the slide on which you've placed the movie, click on the file to select it. From the Start menu, choose either "Automatically" so the movie begins playing as soon as its slide appears in your presentation, or "On Click" to trigger movie playback by clicking on the movie yourself at presentation time. Set presentation options for the movie.

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With the file selected on your slide, open the "Playback Options" menu in the Movie Options section and select "Play Full Screen" so the movie frame enlarges to fill your presentation screen while it plays. To keep the movie hidden until it plays, select "Hide While Not Playing" and animate the movie object to trigger playback with a fade in or other effect. Use the "Rewind After Playing" setting to return the movie to its beginning once playback ends. If your presentation will play from a trade-show kiosk or other unattended hardware setup, choose "Loop Until Stopped" to keep the movie playing continuously.

Set a poster frame for your movie to determine what shows as its preview image.