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You might need to add a DNS entry as well, but as soon as you have name resolution you will see a result like this.

Virtual Network Interface Cards

To make this demo a little less boring I have edited the standard IIS starting page on my both servers to display the server name. As you can see below in the pictures I have accessed the cluster address from two servers. And as you can see, the traffic is load-balanced between the two and we are ready to move on to working with the web console. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Click OK and finish the wizard to create the cluster. We have lots of standards that govern each individually, but not so many that apply to the ways that they can interact.

The problem arises because Microsoft is playing one game while your load balancer plays another.

Enable mac address spoofing vmware free

The games have different rules, and neither side is aware that another game is afoot. Your application inside your virtual machine wants to send some data to another computer. That goes something like this:. Whatever happens down there just happens. Because this particular Ethernet frame is coming out of a Hyper-V virtual machine, the first thing that it encounters is the Hyper-V virtual switch.

In our scenario, the Hyper-V virtual switch rests atop a team of network adapters. The algorithm decides if load balancing can be applied. It only knows about two or more Ethernet endpoints connected in standard access mode.

Allowing that would cause all sorts of problems. For traffic going out anything other than the primary adapter, it uses the MAC address of the physical adapter.

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So, no matter how many physical adapters the team owns, one of two things will happen for each outbound frame:. Note : The visualization does not cover all scenarios. A virtual network adapter might be affinitized to the second physical adapter. So, our frame arrives at the load balancer. The load balancer has a really crummy job. It needs to make traffic go faster, not slower. Routers need to unpackage inbound Ethernet frames, look at their IP information, and make decisions on how to transmit them.

That requires compute power and time. If it needs too much time to do all this, then people would prefer to live without the load balancer. So, they come up with all sorts of tricks to make traffic faster. One way to do that is by not doing quite so much work on the Ethernet frame. This is a gross oversimplification, but you get the idea:. The team achieves load balancing by placing each virtual network adapter across its physical members in a round-robin fashion.

I like this mode as a solution because it does a good job addressing the issue without making any other changes to your infrastructure. Static and LACP teaming involve your Windows Server system and the physical switch agreeing on a single logical pathway that consists of multiple physical pathways. All MAC addresses are registered on that logical pathway. Therefore, the Windows Server team has no need of performing any source MAC substitution regardless of the load balancing algorithm that you choose. It means modifying your physical infrastructure.

That said, using a static or LACP team will allow you to continue using the Dynamic load balancing algorithm. The third listed resolution suggests disabling the related feature on your load balancer. Also, these two manufacturers enable the feature by default.

Do what works best for you. In all of these scenarios, the load balancer performs routing. Section 6 of this article says to update the Active unit first. If the preference is to minimize downtime it is suggested to update the standby first. This requires only one fail-over possible service interruption when the master is updated.

As with all other maintenance KEMP suggests that this work be done during a scheduled window. Support Center. Products Services Downloads Security Community. Kemp Technologies Documentation Feature Description. High Availability HA.

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These are required for the: Active unit Standby unit Shared interface For a one-armed configuration, only one interface is configured. The advantages of HA are as follows: Eliminates a single point of failure. The second standby unit monitors the active unit to detect if a failure has occurred.

Located on the same subnet. In the same physical location. Not located further than meters from each other. Using the same default gateway. Ensure that you have more than one interconnection between the two LoadMasters to avoid data loss or lack of availability.

Ensure that any switches do not prevent MAC spoofing. Latency on the link between the two LoadMasters must be below milliseconds.

OpenStack Docs: OpenStack Networking

Multicast traffic flow is required in both directions between the devices. Three IP addresses are required for each subnet in which the LoadMaster is configured. CARP : Keeps updated on the health of the partner. Governs whether the LoadMaster takes the active role. This can be set for multiple interfaces. Uses the multicast address Sync: Sync maintains a 'single image view' of the LoadMaster settings.

It keeps the LoadMaster up-to-date with changes made to Virtual Services and all other configurations. Notable exceptions that are not synchronized are time and the password for the bal user. Keeps the standby LoadMaster updated on persistence updates.

Guest NLB issues on Hyper-V (Windows Server 2008 R2)

Follow the steps below to set up HA: 1. Do not reboot at this time. Do not reboot or reconnect at this time. Follow the steps below to do this: 1. If they are not the same, the pairing fails. Leave the IP configuration blank. To enable the Use for HA checks option, follow the steps below: 1. To reboot the unit, follow the steps below: 1. To update the firmware on a HA pair using the recommended method; perform the following steps using the shared IP address: 1.