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G4 shutdown/ restart problem

Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Tim says:. December 27, at am. Adrian Chamberlain says:. September 20, at am. Michael Durio says:.

Powerbook G4 M5884 Only Boot's into safemode

September 16, at pm. Drew Baron says:. April 3, at am. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Shop on Amazon. Subscribe to OSXDaily. Follow OSXDaily. When you run a file system check with Disk Utility, you will see them listed as the Catalog file, the Extents file, and Extended Attributes file, among others.

When the system boots to Safe Mode it will show a gray progress bar that indicates various maintenance tasks are being run at startup. Unfortunately it is a bit difficult to see if this is the case when the system is only displaying a gray progress bar; however, you can force the system to show you what is going on by having it boot to both Safe and Verbose modes at the same time.

Start in Safe Boot mode | Mac OS X

To do so, open the Terminal utility and run the following command. In this command I've used "Safe-Verbose" mode, but you can replace the "v" with an "s" to tell it to use "Single User" mode instead they should be equivalent for this purpose :. With this command run, reboot the system and you will see it load into a text environment with the most recent events happening at the bottom and the history of events scrolling upward.

This process should only take a couple of minutes, but if it does not progress after an extended period of time, then it is not able to check the disk for errors and is hung up, which is the cause for the inability to boot to Safe Mode.

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If this is the case, hold the power button to hard-reset the system, followed by holding the Command-Option-P-R keys at startup immediately after the boot chimes to have the system clear the PRAM so it will load normally instead of in Safe-Verbose mode release these keys after the system automatically resets and sounds the boot chime again. Now the fix for the issue is a matter of clearing the problem with the filesystem structure.

While sometimes third-party tools like DiskWarrior have been known to find and correct errors that Disk Utility cannot fix, an alternative approach is to simply reformat the hard drive. First be sure you have a fully restorable backup of your system, which can be done by using Time Machine or by creating a file-level clone of your drive with a tool like Carbon Copy Cloner. Select the drive device above the volume names like "Macintosh HD" and choose "1 Partition" from the drop-down menu in the Partition tab that appears.

It will take a lot longer than regular OS X.

Log in press shift-enter instead of enter after putting in your password to log in without login items. Cheers Carl. Lt Major Burns said:. Natobasso Tech-Bot Actually safe mode boots a lot faster than regular mode because you don't have to load the OS X bells and whistles. This is the unix shell, I believe, and where you enter the fsck and reboot commands.

Mac Troubleshooting: Starting Your Mac in Safe Mode

It is my sad duty to report my imac is dead. It passed away on Monday. It was a quick death - loud clunking noise followed by what sounded like a shortness of breath - flatlined with a grey screen. Didn't even get to the white apple logo. I would like to re-incarnate it - is it possible to change the hard drive? I can't afford burial costs.

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