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Thanks for the books again! Thank you for your help! Is there a way to download the entire collection at once? Either way, thank you!

Thanks for this. Is there one link to download all of them? Unable to find any download e-book for Windows Please send a link. Thank you very much, this is a great collection to share and will go along way. Eric what are you doing? You are going to get fired giving all this away! This is why we love you. Thank you! See you in Orlando. My count is , where can I find another out of "millions"? Dear Eric, Thanks for Sharing a worth resource. Is there any possibility to share some Dynamics AX resources ebooks etc. Thank you Eric! But we couldn't find any e-books for Dynamics-AX.

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We are looking forward for some Dynamics AX E-books soon. Thanks again. This is useless trash nobody would pay a buck for! This is amazing, and really exiting. Can't wait to start reading. Thanks a lot, a lot of free knowledge. Hopefully people make use of it. Hello, thanks a lot for these links, and if someone has access to a linux system, just do the following: wget -i MSFTEbooks2. Windows 7 Power Users Guide — Now distributed through Lulu Still free This requires manually creating an account over att Lulu and can't be downloaded without giving them your email address.

There seems to be two copies of this one: Office User Resources At least, their filenames come up as dupes when I download them. Yup, looks like the urls are exactly the same.

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To download all files at once, look for a piece of software called Internet Download Manager and details on how to install the Chrome extension that comes with it. I cant for the life of me get the powershell script to work. I get this error…. Looks like the party is over.

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Due to high demand volumes, the location where the eBooks link list was stored was exceeding maximum concurrent user counts, which meant errors for additional people trying to get in then. I have added an updated list location in my post for both the eBooks link list and the PowerShell scripts as well.

The full list of errors once it was done downloading. Thanks again for the books! Hello Sir! Thanks for sharing such a gift! Amplified the same to Microsoft Saudi and its reach to partners and customers! Great Sharing! Windows 10 is a disaster. Microsoft might as well have rammed a virus down our throats. They only gave us a month probation with it before it was too late to switch back to Windows 7. Win10 constantly crashes with the blue screen of death, which became much more frequent with the Creators edition.

It is slow and sluggish. To add insult to injury, the so-called solutions Microsoft offer are the most basic and obvious, with the assumption that we are all incompetent. Describing your own issues is fair enough, but two things I will point out.

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Must everything with even a mention of Windows 10 attract petty and immature rants like this. Grow up and act like the apparent professional you claim to be. Your carefully-considered observation tells me there are many more people who have had poor experiences with Windows Thank you for sharing treasures with us. Was the files for limited period only?

I am using the powershell script to download the books and it seems to be running fine even as I write this. But one problem is that it seems to be using different formats of the book for each download. Is there a script that downloads the PDF version of each of the books? That is the version I prefer. You should be good now.

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Due to the high demand, we were exceeding simultaneous user limits where I had that file, so I have posted an updated version in my post that should be able to handle the traffic much better, so please feel free to use that one instead. Thank you. Awesome resources! One link I was interested in does not work though, something wrong with that one? Hi, Eric, Thank you so much for all these great resources.

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I did find one glitch, though. I have a lot to learn! Have a great day! Thanks, Karen, for the feedback in your comment. Thank you for doing this ebook offer again this year. I downloaded the books last summer. Which titles are new to this year? The errors that were coming through should be resolved at this time. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. This thing was successful, apparently. The service is unavailable. Can you maybe tell me what I do wrong?

Br, Kevin. I have added a new PowerShell script link and eBook list link to the post that should not encounter the traffic issues you experienced with the originals. Is there another source for the TXT file that we could use, or should we just be patient as the storm passes? I have added a new eBooks list link to the post that should not encounter the traffic issues you experienced with the original. I just keep getting an HTTP error request when trying to get the list of books.

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Looks like the site hosting the link list and powershell script are down, getting errors trying to hit those. Any help would be greatly appreciated.